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Pesticide Civil Penalty Search Violation Types

Below is a brief description of the Violation Types listed.
For further information consult the Virginia Pesticide Control Act and the Regulations Pursuant the Virginia Pesticide Control Act


ALLOWED CER TO BE USED BY ANOTHER PERSON – Allowing another person to operate under one’s certificate.

ANTISIPH – Failure to use required anti-siphon device to prevent contamination of a water source.

DENIED RECORDS – Failure to provide records as required.

DISPOSAL – Failure to properly dispose of pesticides or pesticide containers in accordance with label/labeling instructions.


FAILURE TO REPORT INCIDENT – Failure to report a serious pesticide-related incident.

FALSIFIED APPLICATION – Providing false information on an application for certification or licensing.

FALSIFIED RECORDS – Providing records which include false information.

IMPROPER EQUIPMENT – Failure to use label required equipment for application or storage of pesticides.

IMPROPER STORAGE – Storage of pesticides in an unsafe or illegal manner.

INTERFERENCE – Interference with the duties of a duly authorized official in the enforcement of the Virginia Pesticide Control Act and regulations adopted pursuant thereto.

MISCONDUCT BY PCO/COMPANY – Actions by a Pest Control Operator or Company in violation of law or regulation.

MISUSE – Failure to follow requirements of pesticide product labeling.

NEGLIGENCE – Operation in a careless or negligent manner.

NO BUSINESS LICENSE – Failure to obtain or renew required Business License.

NOT CERTIFIED – Failure to obtain or renew required Certification.

PRODUCT BANNED – Use of a pesticide whose use has been banned by Federal or State action.

PRODUCT CONTAMINATION – Adulteration of a pesticide.

PRODUCT LABEL – Pesticide product label failing to contain all required information.

RECOMMENDATION INCONSISTENT WITH LABEL – Making an recommendation for the use of a pesticide which is not consistent with the instructions of the pesticide label.

RECORD KEEPING – Failure to keep records as required.

RUP AVAIL TO UNAUTH PERSON – Sales of a Restricted Use Pesticide to an Uncertified individual.

SERVICE CONTAINER LABELING – Failure to place proper labeling on a container used to hold a pesticide or pesticide mixture.

UNREGISTERED PRODUCT – Use of a pesticide not properly registered with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

VIOLATION OF STOP SALE ORDER – Failure to comply with an order to stop sales of a pesticide.

VIOLATION OF STOP USE ORDER – Failure to comply with an order to stop the use of a pesticide.